2017 2018 Mitsubishi Fuso Dubai

2017 2018 Mitsubishi Fuso Dubai Overview

Mitsubishi Fuso creates full range of light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial trucks. As a part of Daimler Trucks it benefits from German Mercedes Benz technology and marries it with Mitsubishi ¬†Japanese technology. They are known for their fuel efficiency and long lasting quality. Email us now at [email protected] to get Right Hand Drive Mitsubishi Fuso as well as Left Hand Drive Mitsubishi Fuso.

Attractive Concept Makes Business Sense

overview 1.jpgAttractive, self-assured styling

Superior aerodynamics enhance handling and fuel economy

Enhanced safety for maximum peace of mind

Available In

overview 2.jpg7 ton payload
10 ton payload
11 ton payload

Inner Values

overview 3.jpgSpacious, well-appointed interior for greater comfort

Impact-absorbing safety steering wheel

Wrap-around cockpit for perfect control

Generous personal storage where you need it

Comfortable, fully adjustable seating

Environment-friendly materials for better indoor climate

More In Store

overview 4.jpgKeys, cups, documents, maps, cloths, change of shoes and you name it, it all has to come along for the ride. But where to put it all? Cue wide dashboard tray, large capacity overhead console, retractable cup holder and integrated dashboard storage space and there are storage options galore in the FM. Leaving you free to enjoy the generous, uncluttered space all around you.

2017 2018 Mitsubishi Fuso Dubai Performance

More Muscles, More Endurance, More Utility

performance 1.jpgPowerful inline 6-cylinder diesel engine

Manual 6-speed direct-drive transmission

Frame optimized for easier body mounting and reliability

Air-over-hydraulic brake system for superior control

May The Power Be With You

performance 2.jpgYou want maximum torque at low revs for top acceleration and reduced gear shifting? Look forward to an impressive inline 6-cylinder diesel engine: The 6M60 (T1). Featuring intercooler turbo, common rail fuel injection and a diesel oxidation catalyst, our 240hp powerplant boasts superior fuel economy, enhanced torque, reduced engine noise, ultimate dependability and meets Euro3 emission standards.

Smooth Operator

performance 3.jpgOur manual 6-speed direct-drive transmission with a light-weight transmission case helps increase payload capacity. It distributes power very efficiently, delivering better performance while realizing fuel savings. Various innovations and improvements result in lower vibration and noise as well as effectively enhancing reliability and working life of the drivetrain.

Drive In Comfort And Style

performance 4.jpgThe new FM series will be your mobile home from home, pampering you with more room to move, in-car comfort as well as convenience and style to match. Talking of convenience, the enlarged grab handle and lower step for easier cab entry. Plus, there is more head-room, and increased air conditioning performance so you always keep your cool. And with its reduced noise and vibration levels, you can look forward to a smooth, relaxed and safe ride normally only found in passenger cars.

Built-In Peace Of Mind

safety 1.jpgSafety starts with avoiding accidents. That is why the new cab comes with a panoramic windshield, low side windows for improved visibility and offers a maximum control thanks to a very ergonomic driving environment, easy handling and enhanced suspension. Passive safety features include structural reinforcements for a highly rigid cad, an impact-absorbing steering wheel and much more to give owner-operators unprecedented peace of mind.

Braking Power

safety 2.jpgTo give you total assurance in brake performance, the new FM series comes equipped with air-over-hydraulic brakes. FM drivers can also rely on an exhaust brake that reduces the load on the service brakes, extending the overall life of the brake system and adding to driver convenience.

Material Benefits

safety 3.jpgWe take your health and well-being very much to heart. Which is why, in the FM series, weive opted for an improved, eco-friendly interior environment. That spells fewer synthetics (vinyl) in the instrument panel, lower formaldehyde emissions from seatback/side trim materials, enhance use of easy-to-recycle resins and natural-fiber materials. And one happier driver.

2017 2018 Mitsubishi Fuso Dubai Style

New Look

style 1.jpgThe new styling says it all: Sleek and aggressive with a low profile fascia and flush side panel surfaces, the FM series conveys a sense of power and direction. Matching fender and body colors coupled with a bold new front design featuring the three-diamond emblem give it a fresh, self-assured o-road presence.

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