2016 2017 Toyota Corolla

2016 2017 Toyota Corolla Design -Style at the perfect size

Across the model range there is plenty of in-car technology to assist you during every journey and keep everyone entertained. The SE variant is the entry-level specification grade; it fits the Corolla with manual air conditioning to maintain the preferred temperature and a four-speaker audio system with USB and AUX ports.Music playback can be controlled safely through buttons mounted to the steering wheel. also it comes with more features such as power windows, cruise control and Bluetooth connectivity. The next grades impressed with the push start button , a multi-information display and rear parking sensors as a local accessory .

2016 2017 Toyota Corolla Colors

2016 2017 Toyota Corolla Technology – Entertainment within your reach

Engage your senses

The bold and dramatic attractions of the crisp horizontal layout and a focus on quality of the dynamic form, together with thoughtful features, engage you and feed your driving pleasure.Audio system: It features a radio and CD player feeding 4 or 6 speakers, to enjoy superb sound in every seat.Air conditioning system: The high-efficiency system combines powerful cooling performance with low energy consumption, contributing to excellent fuel efficiency.

2016 2017 Toyota Corolla Performance – A Stable Performance

The relaxing environment sparks spontaneous exhilaration

Expect excitement to grow with every drive in the all-new Corolla. It’s all thanks to an inspiring combination of agile, sporty and responsive performance with superb fuel efficiency to match.MULTI DRIVE 7S: Integrated control of the advanced stepless transmission and engine delivers smooth, powerful driving and excellent fuel efficiency. The 7-speed sequential shiftmatic mode lets you enjoy the feeling of a manual transmission.

2016 2017 Toyota Corolla Engines/Suspension:

The compact, lightweight engine harnesses advanced technologies to deliver exhilarating performance and outstanding fuel economy. Optimizing various suspension components, together with the sure braking performance, helps realize excellent stability, control and ride comfort.

2016 2017 Toyota Corolla Safety – Features to help you travel safely

Airbags: To help reduce the impact to occupants in a collision, the Corolla is equipped with SRS driver airbag and SRS front passenger airbag.Crash safety body: It is comprised of a high integrity cabin with front and rear crumple zones that help absorb impact energy in a collision. It also incorporates a compatibility concept that pursued the coexistence of vehicles of different weight and height in a collision.

2016 2017 Toyota Corolla Images

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