2017 2018 Nissan Juke Dubai

2017 2018 Nissan Juke is available in Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive. Email us at jim12cars@gmail.com to get your Nissan Juke.

Nissan Juke – A Predator Approach

JUKE’s approach will make you look twice. Uniquely designed turn indicators stare you down from the fiercely sculpted hood. And twin front lights inspired by rally cars give JUKE eyes after dark.

Nissan Juke Fluid Design

With the look of a coupe and the functionality of a hatchback, JUKE has the best of both worlds. Rear door handles are subtly worked into the design keeping them out of sight and giving JUKE a sports-coupe sleekness

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Sporty Silhouette

JUKE is like nothing you’ve seen before. The innovative exterior shows off its muscular curvature and aggressive stance while maintaining a sleek sports car appearance.

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Performance at Every Curve

Sports-car influence is ingrained into JUKE’s every rippling curve. 370ZTM-inspired taillights cut into JUKE’s aft for an imposing exterior look that perfectly combines practicality and style

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Expressive Style

JUKE’s designers embodied pure adrenaline, taking a cue from the flowing, streamlined fuselage of sport-bikes to craft the unique appearance of the center console. Shout out your personality with performance red or a tough gunmetal finish.

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Motorsport DNA

JUKE’s gauges are influenced by generations of motorsport styling. The speedometer and tachometer are designed for ease of understanding and infuse JUKE’s dash with the spirit of speed.

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Versatility

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Compact size. Big confidence.

Smart. Bold. Compact. This all-new sport cross is like no other Nissan. JUKE’s agile size means better fuel efficiency, not to mention better parking efficiency. And JUKE stands tall with a ground clearance that offers a commanding view of the road and safeguards against scuffs.

2017 2018 Nissan Juke All Access

Loading and unloading your gear couldn’t be easier. Just pop JUKE’s hatchback to reveal a customizable cargo space with enough room for all your essentials. Plus, its natural, curved shape enhances JUKE’s overall aerodynamic look and feel.

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Clever Storage

Check under the rear cargo area floor and you’ll find a secret storage stash. It’s just the right size to store your roadside safety equipment or anything you want to keep out of sight.

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Space to Fit Your Lifestyle

With up to 830L loading space, there’s more than enough room to fit your DJ gear, sports equipment or just about anything else.

Nissan Juke Performance

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Performance Adapt At Will

Looking for a shot of adrenaline? With the touch of a button, kick your engine into sport mode using the available Integrated Control (I-CON) system. Or dial down to Eco mode and dodge the pump a little longer. You decide. JUKE obeys.

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Steering

Using Electric Power Steering instead of hydraulic power steering cuts down on the amount of power needed from the engine. That means more miles out of every tank. Plus, it automatically adjusts steering feel based on vehicle speed.

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Technology

The new Nissan Juke offers the very latest fully integrated technology in car settings.
New Nissan integrated control system :
• Three driving modes (SPORT/NORMAL/ECO) to play with
• User friendly interface with LED to manage both air conditioning and driving mode selection
• Auxilary audio input to play your iPod

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Keyless

Never fumble with keys again. Just leave the innovative Nissan Intelligent Key® in your pocket or bag. As you walk up to the vehicle, it senses the key and allows you to unlock the door with a tap of a button on the door handle. Once inside, use the Push Button Ignition to start the engine.

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Safety

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Safety Shield

Nissan’s concept of “the vehicle that helps protect people.” In the area of safety technology, Nissan pursues innovation as part of its “Safety Shield” concept, an advanced, proactive approach to safety issues based on the idea that cars should help protect people. This approach provides various measures to help the driver and passengers better avoid dangers in ways that are optimized to each of a wide range of circumstances that the vehicle may be in, from “risk has not yet appeared” to “post-crash”.

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Safety: Airbags etc

Six standard air bags wrap you in safety. Two dual-stage supplemental front and side-impact air bags complement roof-mounted, side-impact air bags which work to keep both front and rear passengers safe.[2] Front-seat Active Head Restraints help reduce the chance of whiplash injuries to you and your front seat passenger by moving up and forward during certain rear-end collisions.

[1] with Leather Package
[2] Air bags are only a supplemental restraint system; always wear your seat belt. Even with the occupant-classification sensor, rear-facing child restraints should not be placed in the front-passenger’s seat. Also, all children 12 and under should ride in the rear seat properly secured in child restraints, booster

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Safety: VDC

SL Turbo standard Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) helps the driver maintain directional control under certain conditions.[1] And maintain steering control when stopping using JUKE’s Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).

[1] VDC, which should remain on when driving except when freeing the vehicle from mud or snow, cannot prevent accidents due to abrupt steering, carelessness, or dangerous driving techniques. Always drive safely.

2017 2018 Nissan Juke Specifications

Juke GCC Specifications  1.6 litre gasoline engine  1.6L Direct Injection Gasoline Turbo Engine  1.6L Direct Injection Gasoline Turbo Engine
 Body type  5 door hatchback  5 door hatchback  5 door hatchback
 Available grades  S/SL  Upper  Upper
 Seating capacity  persons  5  5  5
 Engine code  HR16DE  MR16DDT  MR16DDT
 No. of cylinders, configuration  4, in line  4, in line  4, in line
 Valves per cylinder  4  4  4
 Air intake system  Normal aspiration  Turbocharger + Intercooler  Turbocharger + Intercooler
 Engine displacement  cm³  1598  1618  1618
 Bore x stroke  mm  Ø78 x 83.6  Ø79.7 x 81.1  Ø79.7 x 81.1
 Max. engine power  kW(ps)/min-1  86 (117) @ 6000  140 (190) @ 5600  140 (190) @ 5600
 Max. torque  Nm/min-1  158Nm @ 4000  240Nm @ 2400-5200  240Nm @ 2400-5200
 Compression ratio  10.7  9.5 : 1  9.5 : 1
 Cam type  DOHC led by chain  DOHC led by chain  DOHC led by chain
 Fuel type  Unleaded Petrol (RON95)  Unleaded Petrol (RON95)  Unleaded Petrol (RON95)
 Ignition system / Intake system  individual coils / knock control  Individual coils / Knock control  Individual coils / Knock control
 Fuel Supply  Multi point injection  Sequential High-pressure Direct Injection  Sequential High-pressure Direct Injection
 Clutch type  Torque converter with lock-up  dry single  Torque converter with lock-up
 Transmission  XTRONIC CVT  6-speed manual  XTRONIC CVT-M6
 Gear ratio  1st  Low:4.006~HI:0.55  3.364  Low:2.349~HI:0.394
 2nd  Low:4.006~HI:0.55  1.947  Low:2.349~HI:0.394
 3nd  Low:4.006~HI:0.55  1.393  Low:2.349~HI:0.394
 4nd  Low:4.006~HI:0.55  1.114  Low:2.349~HI:0.394
 5nd  Low:4.006~HI:0.55  0.914  Low:2.349~HI:0.394
 6nd  Low:4.006~HI:0.55  0.767  Low:2.349~HI:0.394
 Reverse  3.77  3.292  1.75
 Final Gear ratio  3.753  4.214  5.798
 Driven wheels  Front  Front  Front
 Suspension  front  Strut  Strut  Strut
 Suspension  rear  Torsion beam  Torsion beam  Torsion beam
 Min. Turning Radius (Curb to Curb)  m  10.7  10.7  10.7
 Braking system
 Front brakes diameter and thickness  Φ  φ280 x 24  φ296 x 26  φ296 x 26
 Rear brakes diameter and thickness  Φ  φ292 x 9  φ292 x 9  φ292 x 9
 Stability control system  N/A  STD(VDC)  STD(VDC)
 Tyre size  205/60R16  215/55R17  215/55R17
 Curb weight min./max  kg  1208/1221 (Base)  1280/1397  1315/1332
 Curb weight min./max  Kg  1207/1226 (Upper)  1280/1397  1315/1332
 Gross Vehicle Weight  kg  1640 (Base)  1720  1755
 Gross Vehicle Weight  kg  1645 (Upper)  1720  1755
 Max. axle weight front  kg  885  990  990
 rear  kg  805  815  815
 Overall length  mm  4135  4135  4135
 Overall width  mm  1765  1765  1765
 Overall height  mm  1570  1570  1570
 Wheelbase  mm  2530  2530  2530
 Track front  mm  1540(16inch)  1525  1525
 Track front  1525(17inch)  1525  1525
 rear  mm  1535(16inch)  1525  1525
 rear  1525(17inch)  1525  1525
 Front overhang  mm  855  855  855
 Rear overhang  mm  750  750  750
 Minimum ground clearance  mm  174.1(16inch)  180  180
 Minimum ground clearance  mm  185(17inch)  180  180
 Luggage space – max. length (with rear seat rear/rear seat forward)  mm  675 / 1470  675 / 1470  675 / 1470
 – max. width  mm  1409  1409  1409
 – max. height from floor to headlining  mm  681  681  681
 Luggage capacity (VDA)  l  251  251  251
 max. with folded seats (VDA) to waist line  l  550  550  550
 max. with folded seats (VDA) to roof  l  830  830  830
 Cd  0.35  0.35  0.35
 Frontal area  m2  2.31  2.31  2.31
 Fuel tank capacity  l  52  52  52


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