2017 2018 Mitsubishi Canter Dubai

2017 2018 Mitsubishi Canter Overview

A New Definition Of Comfort – Adding Another Dimension To Performance

The canter has always delivered outstanding safety, economy, and durability – features you expect. The new generation Canter adds a performance dimension you might not expect: driver comfort. We designed the new Canter from the driver’s perspective, and in the process, just happened to upgrade the world standard for light-duty.

Key Features

New stylish cab design

Greater comfort in a larger interior

First in-dash gearshift in a cab-over truck

Ergonomically situated meters and controls

High-rigidity frame

Rigid cab for safety

Full G.V.W. range

Full complement of options

Available in 4.2 Ton payload, 4.9 Ton payload and 5.5 Ton payload


A Standing Ovation For The Cab Door

technology-6.jpgYou can get in and out in a neatly standing position, thanks to the wide door opening and tall roof.

In-Dash Gearshift, A World First In Cab-Over Trucks

technology-13.jpgThe in-dash gearshift is in easy reach of the steering wheel, and features a short-stroke for crisp and precise shifting. The ergonomic arrangement of the controls lets the driver perform all operations from a relaxed sitting position.

Rugged & Reliable FG Series For Any Kind Of Road

The four-wheel drive FG is about gutsy performance. It lets you handle mountain roads, unpaved roads, rain, snow-you name it-with power, stability, and confidence. Available in both wide cab and wide double cab configurations.

Multipurpose Truck For Diverse Needs

With a wide range of available payload configurations, the FE has the versatility for a great variety of applications. Cab configurations include the standard, wide, and wide double cab. New to the lineup is the G.V.W. 8 ton wide cab, for a bigger selection of wide cabs than ever before.

2017 2018 Mitsubishi Canter Performance

Power & Economy Team Up In A Single Engine

Canter engines have the power for your light-duty needs. Their proven performance comes hand in hand with durability, fuel efficiency, reliability, plus clean emissions for the environment. And the full output lineup means each truck model gets the best matching engine.

Aluminum Pot-Type Case Transmission

safety-3.jpgThe canter employs an aluminum pot-type transmission case that delivers quiet operation and efficient heat dissipation. At the same time, you get superb durability and reliability.

Direct Power Cylinder Clutch

The FE84, FE85 and FG83 come standard with a direct power cylinder clutch that makes clutch work easier while also enhancing durability.

High Performance Battery

safety-6.jpgStandard equipment on all models, the high performance battery ensures a stable supply of electrical power.

2017 2018 Mitsubishi Canter Safety

New Cab And Chassis Give Best Protection To The Driver

safety-2.jpgIn case of an accident, the structural rigidity and advanced safety structure of the Canter are there to protect the driver. And that’s nice to know.

Exhaust Brake System

safety-4.jpgA bufferly valve-type exhaust brake is standard equipment on all trucks. The exhaust brake not only adds braking performance but also contributes to extended brake life.

Hydraulic Booster Brakes

Light pressure on the brake pedal provides strong stopping power. Booster brakes deliver powerful braking performance with less effort.

Side Parking Brake Lever

The parking brake is set and released with a side lever located next to the driver for maximum operational ease.

Easy-To Read Coolant Level

safety-5.jpgThe white coolant tank is translucent making it easy to check the coolant level.

2017 2018 Mitsubishi Canter Style

Simplicity In Design, Power In Execution

style-1.jpgReliability and refinement are in accord, not opposition. The Canter’s unique design features superb aerodynamics while letting you get in and out with ease. And once in, you enjoy unmatched comfort. But that’s not all. Ideal mirror placement, halogen lamps with bold headlight styling, and numerous other features add to the simple, yet powerfully functional design.

Spacious Cabin Provides Supreme Comfort

technology-7.jpgThe canter doesn’t just do the job, it lets you do it with unprecedented ease. That’s because the newly designed interior prioritizes amenities and comfort for the driver. Generous interior dimensions, extensive storage space, and advanced ergonomics combine to make the cabin a most relaxing place to work.

Cockpit Layout Puts The Driver First

In a first cab-over trucks, the gearshift is mounted in the dash. This enables a relaxed driving position and also clears the way for easy movement across the front seat. In fact, cockpit ergonomics reach a zenith with the Canter because all cockpit features-like the side parking brake level- score a perfect alliance of driver comfort and workhorse functionality.

Free Roving Interior

The combination of in-dash gearshift and cabin roominess opens the way for the driver to cross the cabin with exemplary ease.

Telescopic & Tilt Steering Wheel

The steering wheel position adjusts both up-down and forward-backward enabling the driver to set the optimal steering position.


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