Toyota Hilux Dubai Features

Toyota Hilux Dubai Features. Toyota Hilux available in Left Hand Drive from Jim Autos Dubai and in Right Hand drive from Jim Autos Thailand, Jim Autos United Kingdom, Jim Autos Australia

A dynamic presence integrating advanced power and quality, Hilux blends new sophisticated design, setting the standards and leading the way for a new generation of versatile utility vehicles.

I. Toyota Hilux Dubai Performance: Overwhelming power and all round performance

Toyota Hilux’s outstanding rigidity and durability help you to achieve new goals. The Hilux meets all your demands every time you ride.

Toyota Hilux Left Hand Drive Dubai 2.7L or 2.0L Petrol Engine with Variable Valve Timing – intelligent (VVT–i)

Hilux’s engine generates high performance and provides excellent fuel efficiency. VVT-i gives you the advantage of increased torque and output, giving you increased control, as well as better fuel economy and reduced emissions

Toyota Hilux Left Hand Drive Dubai Advanced Technologies

Toyota has developed a high rigidity frame and part time 4WD system to deliver the robust strength and reassuring power you need to handle varying terrain and conditions with ease

II. Toyota Hilux Left Hand Drive Dubai Comfort: Setting new generational standards

Hilux will challenge your ideas of comfort and ease of control, with its driving environment akin to that of a car. Brimming with advanced engineering systems integrated to deliver maximum comfort for drivers and passengers, Hilux provides a quiet and comfortable travelling space.

Toyota Hilux Left Hand Drive Dubai Impressive Passenger Space

The Toyota Hilux has plenty of cabin space, seating up to six adults in the double cab, up to four adults in the Xtra Cab models and up to three adults in the single cab. With slim profile, ergonomic seating, you also get more legroom and space between occupants

Toyota Hilux Left Hand Drive Dubai Powered Chrome Door Mirror

Interior controls operate the adjustment of mirrors, to optimise the driver’s view. Indicators (optional) positioned on the mirrors for improved visibility

Toyota Hilux Left Hand Drive Dubai Smart Steering and Suspension Systems

Double wishbone front suspension and a combination of leaf spring and twin tube shock absorbers on the rear, deliver outstanding steering stability while carrying a load. Steering that feels like you are in command of a car comes courtesy of a sophisticated engine-sensing rack and pinion power steering configuration

Toyota Hilux Left Hand Drive Dubai Versatile Cabin Storage

A car designed for many purposes naturally integrates lots of clever storage options; in the dash, in the front door pockets, in the rear door pockets (double cab), the back-quarter panels (Xtra cab), under the rear seats (Xtra and double cabs) and in the centre console, where fitted

II. Toyota Hilux Left Hand Drive Dubai Safety: Built to last

Hilux’s quality is woven into its core, even in parts you can’t see. The use of high tensile steel sheeting for the body contributes to the excellent rigidity and light weight. The strategic placement of vibration damping and noise insulating materials, including the floor and engine compartment, helps to create quietness inside the cabin. Extensive use of lightweight, anti-corrosion steel sheeting for the body and deck contributes to the Hilux’s durability and strength.

Toyota Hilux Left Hand Drive Dubai Anti-skid Braking System (ABS)

Toyota Hilux is equipped with ventilated front disc brakes. ABS helps to ensure vehicle stability when braking on slippery roads, or if you have to brake suddenly

Toyota Hilux Left Hand Drive Dubai Brake Pedal and Steering Column Impact Absorption Technology

The brake pedal is designed to separate on frontal impact, and the pedal stopper at the lower part of the instrument panel helps reduce the volume of pedal retraction into the driver’s foot space. The steering column is designed to absorb impact and includes an advanced tension-release mechanism that collapses beyond a defined resistance threshold. More specifically, the steering wheel and airbag absorb impact, while simultaneously, the steering support collar of the lower bracket breaks and the steering column tube moves forwards and away. The energy absorbing plate then deforms to further absorb shock energy

Toyota Hilux Left Hand Drive Dubai Global Safety Programme

Toyota established the Global Outstanding Assessment passive safety assessment programme to ensure that Toyota’s tough safety standards are met

II. Toyota Hilux Left Hand Drive Dubai Advanced Features: Choose from two strong Hilux body styles.

The Toyota Hilux comes in different configurations to suit your particular requirements, providing flexibility of choice between two body styles, and three different engine types. You can also choose between 4×2 or 4×4 drive. All models feature highly rigid and lightweight body structures and one-piece chassis with a thick side rail and strategic reinforcements for maximum torsion rigidity, off-road stability and ride comfort

Toyota Hilux Left Hand Drive Dubai Single Cab

Built for work, the large load capacity helps you to do more in a day

Toyota Hilux Left Hand Drive Dubai Double Cab

Dedicated to leisure, with the capacity to carry all gear you need is the starting point for great adventures

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