2017 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero Dubai

2017 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero Dubai Overview

2017 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero Dubai At Your Command

pajero-natureLife is built on the experiences you create, and this is the beginning of a whole new chapter. Boasting a history as storied as it is prestigious, Pajero is no ordinary SUV. Beneath the bold, uncompromising styling and clean, sleek lines is a heart and soul that has explored the furthest corners of the world and come back seeking more. Conquering mountain passes and city avenues with equal poise, a new Pajero has arrived for the next challenge.

2017 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero Dubai Man-Machine Interface

pajero-interiorComfortable and inviting, the interior of Pajero is a far cry from the terrain it was designed to face. Illuminated meters and leather-wrapped controls are all ergonomically arranged and awaiting your command, while the soft leather seats and luxurious appointments throughout tempt you to forget your destination and simply keep driving.

2017 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero Dubai Cool Sport

As sleek as it ispajero-seating spacious, Pajero’s expansive interior delivers a ride of luxurious comfort for you and your passengers. Providing ample head- and legroom for up to seven occupants, Pajero also features versatile seating arrangements to match your carrying needs. The third-row seats can be easily stowed under the floor to create a wide , flat storage space ideal for suitcases , or removed completely to give you a convenient underfloor compartment. For even larger items, the second-row seats can be also folded down to provide enough space for nearly anything you want to bring.

2017 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero Dubai Flexible Utility Space (5-Door)

pajero-flexibleEvery day brings new destinations, new friends, and new adventures. You don’t want to be stuck in someone else’s rigid assumptions of where to go and what to do. Pajero understands, and provides you an interior as versatile as it is roomy, with plenty of seating and storage options for work, fun or daily life.Premium Entertainment (5-Door)Few things are as fun as listening to your favourite tunes as your head down the road. Now you can enjoy them as never before with Pajero’s powerful Rockford Acoustic Design® premium sound system that turns the entire cabin into a concert hall. For rear passengers, the new DVD player and video screen might just be enough to make up for not getting to drive.


2017 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero Performance

Mitsubishi Pajero Engine Performance

pajero-engineThe control that put Pajero in the Dakkar Rally record books didn’t come by skimping on engine power. The rugged outdoors are unforgiving on those who show up unprepared, which is why Pajero comes with a range of engines to provide ample power for all conditions.

3.8L 24-Valve V6 SOHC MIVEC

Pajero’s 3.8-liter engine puts an incredible 250PS* at your command ensuring that you’ll never be short on power. The new MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve-timing Electronic Control) system varies the inlet valve timing and lift to optimize engine output across more of the rev range. The net result is enjoyment of the full potential this powerhouse has to offer, with quicker starting response and sure, confident cruising performance. *5-Door 5 AT models

3.5L 24-Valve V6 SOHC

The 3.5-liter V gasoline engine delivers an incredible amount of output power for high-range cruising on the open highway, while still providing plenty of torque to give you an ample pulling capability when hauling heavy loads ot help you get through rough driving conditions with confidence. The ECI-MULTI electronically controlled fuel injection system maximizes intake efficiency to produce more complete combustion, resulting in fewer emissions and giving you even, responsive acceleration you can depend on at any speed. And the single overhead camshaft design reduces engine vibration and mechanical noise for a smooth and quiet ride.


pajero-invecsINCVECS-II studies driving habits and complements them. Optimum Shift Control analyses conditions and driving style, comparing them to its database of shift patterns to balance power, control and efficiency. Adaptive shift control studies acceleration and brake timing, then learns to anticipate driver actions.

Sports Mode For Auto Transmission

pajero-sports-modeStandard on all AT models, Sports Mode delivers the excitement of a manual shift while still providing the convenience of an automatic. Changing gears for enhanced response and performance with just a touch of the shifter, Sports Mode reminds you of what driving was like back when you first learned how.

Super Select 4WD II (SS4 II)

pajero-super-selectPajero’s advanced SS4 II lets you shift between 2H, 4H and 4 HLc modes at speeds of up to 100 km/h providing on-demand control for highway performance or off-road traction whenever you need it.

2H (2WD High Range)

pajero-2hFor cruising down the highway or just making a quick trip across town, 2H mode shifts you into rear-wheel drive for smooth, quiet, fuel efficient performance.

4H (4WD High Range)

pajero-4hWhen the weather gets bad and the roads start turning rough, 4H mode provides added traction. The dynamic front/rear torque split adjusts between 33-67 and 50-50 to give you greater control for high speed driving.

4HLc (4WD High Range With Locked Center Differential)

pajero-4hlcKeeping you on track even in rugged or slippery conditions, the 4HLc mode distributes power to all 4 wheels equally for off-road excitement with a steady sense of control.

4LLc (4WD Low Range With Locked Center Differential)

pajero-4llcSwitch to 4LLc mode when you need all the tractor-like crawling power Pajero is capable of. Maximized low-end torque pulls you through even the roughest terrain, stickiest mud and deepest snow.

Mitsubishi Pajero Variable Intake Manifold

pajero-variable-intakeDesigned for the 3.8-liter engine, it further optimizes performance by adjusting air intake. At low and mid rpm ranges, only the primary port is used, increasing airflow speed for better torque and quicker starts, enhancing off-road escape-ability and fuel efficiency. At higher rpm ranges, both intake ports open to increase airflow volume and maximize power.

Mitsubishi Pajero Common Rail Fuel System

pajero-common-railThe critical factor in precision diesel engines is pressure. By using a Common Rail to supply fuel injector lines, a single pump can provide constant high fuel pressure. In addition, the ECU electronically controls fuel flow to allow three injections with every cycle, maximizing power output while minimizing waste and emissions.

Cyclone-Type Pre-Air Cleaner

pajero-cycloneTo perform at its best, an engine needs a continuous flow of clean air. The pre-air cleaner, featured on all models, increases air intake while filtering out dust and moisture. With the engine breathing easy, Pajero is ready to take on any road.

Mitsubishi Pajero Safety And Reliability

Accidents happen. Mitsubishi knows that sometimes the road throws an unexpected surprise in your path, so Pajero is outfitted with an array of advanced active and passive safety technology. Enjoy your drive with the peace of mind of knowing that you and your passengers are safe and secure.

Multi-Mode ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)

pajero-absWhen the road throws you an unexpected curve, ABS ensures that you’ll be ready. The 4-senso, 4-channel system is matched to each SS4 II mode to ensure skid-free braking regardless of surface conditions.

EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution)

pajero-ebdsafety 1.jpgEBD modulates each braking channel independently, providing additional force to the rear wheels when the vehicle is carrying passengers or cargo. This ensures you are able to come to a stop quickly and safely, regardless of load or road conditions.

ASTC (Active Stability And Traction Control)

pajero-astcASTC analyses the forces acting on Pajero to anticipate control loss and take preventive measure. Additional braking is delivered to the wheels that need it. Enabling you to hold your line precisely through each turn.

Dual-Stage SRS Airbag System

pajero-airbagIn the event of a forward collision, the driver and front passenger are both protected by front SRS airbags. To further increase the safety, the onboard computer measures the force of impact and adjusts airbag deployment speed to best reduce the chance of injury to occupants.

Safety-Design Fuel Tank

pajero-fuel-tankPositioned ahead of the rear axle to help prevent leakage in a collision, Pajero’s fuel tank is also guarded by a tough resin underprotector.


rise-bodyUsing front and rear crumple zone to absorb and diffuse collision damage before it can reach the cabin interior, Pajero’s RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body design is built to minimize occupant injury regardless of which direction trouble comes from. The rigid monocoque body provides further protection by encasing occupants within a steel framework that resists damage.

Mitsubishi Pajero Style

Rockford Acoustic Design® Premium Sound System

pajero-sound-systemThis system consists of 12 speakers, including tweeters, woofers and subwoofers. Positioned throughout Pajero, they are optimally balanced for automotive listening.

860W High Power Amp And 12-Speaker System

pajero-speakerThe powerful amplifier and high quality speakers are capable of producing all the power and clarity of a home sound system, giving you complete music enjoyment everywhere you go. Output levels can be automatically balanced for different music styles, and can also be centered on individual passenger positions.

5.1 Channel Theatre Surround System

The 5.1 channel theatre surround system balances front and rear speakers with the powerful subwoofer to create the feeling if being right in the center of the action. The sound balance can be adjusted to focus on the front seats or the 2nd-row, or to provide an even balance for the whole interior.

9-Inch Widescreen Display With DVD Player

pajero-widescreenRear passengers can now spend long trips enjoying their favourite movies with the ceiling-mounted 9-inch widescreen display and DVD player. The AAV input unit also allows them ti connect game systems or computers. Viewers can use the 5.1-channel surround sound system for premium quality listening.

Audio Controls On Steering Wheel

pajero-audio-controlsFor convenience and safety , stereo controls are built into the steering wheel, allowing the driver to adjust the sound system with both hands on the wheel.

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